Bolus for cattle and effervescent tablets for poultry

RESCO is a company based in Europe specialized as manufacturer of slow release bolus technology. The slow release bolus free a steady daily amount of minerals over longer periods, up to 6 months. RESCO is the manufacturer of instant release bolus as well. These have an immediate action, the minerals being absorbed in a few hours’ time. This bolus technology is the result of decades of experience and continuous research as manufacturer. On cattle farms the mineral provision is not always sufficient for the animals which results in mineral deficiency. Especially young and dry cows don't get enough mineral intake. Mineral deficiency is an increasing problem compared to the past. On one side the production of the animal increases as do the needs. On the other side we can see limitations in fertilizing and feed additives. That's why at RESCO our vision is to be a manufacturer of solutions. Nevertheless mineral provision doesn't have to be difficult. You can just use one mineral bolus when necessary. Little work, quick, low price and trustable. Be sure every animal is supplied with enough daily minerals to satisfy their needs without any loss. A bolus doesn't need to be mixed in the food. So it does not depend on the taste, precision of mixture, the appetite of the animal,... RESCO manufactures custom made solutions.

Discover RESCO cattle bolus range. Fertility, milk fever, mastitis,...




Grazing sheep need extra supplementation of trace minerals. Use a slow release mineral bolus for better results. Use a bolus for mastitis as well.


Poultry tablets

The effervescent tablets for poultry guarantee a homogeneous mix. The tablets are designed with antioxidants, vitamin B, Vitamin D and trace minerals.


Cattle bolus

When cow suffer from milk fever, mastitis, fertility problems, ketosis, trace mineral shortage... RESCO provides instant bolus and slow release bolus.

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