About us

Resco is a bolus manufacturer founded in April 2003 by agronomist Regi Teucq. In a small barn in Belgian rural town Ezemaal, he designed and manufactured his first product: a calcium capsule for cattle. Over the first few years, he kept developing new products based on the needs of farmers and focusing on mineral deficiencies in cattle. Not only the number of products grew but also the international network of distributors. Resco started with mainly selling in Belgium, after which the Netherlands, Luxembourg and France joined the distributor's network. 

Resco kept innovating according to the vision that we want to deliver solutions to your problems. Next to the range of cattle boluses, we started to develop boluses for calves and sheep in 2012. Seven years later we established a new type of products. Next to producing boluses we also started manufacturing effervescent tablets for poultry. Finally, the latest project is the enrolment of a range of phytotherapeutic boluses as a natural alternative to classical medicine and antibiotics. This brief history shows that Resco is forever listening to the farmers’ needs and innovating accordingly. In 2020 Resco has over 30 boluses and effervescent tablets for cattle, calves, sheep, and poultry, distributing them in over 30 countries.

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