Natural alternatives

Resco is a bolus manufacturer that values innovation and sustainability. In line with these keywords, we are developing a biological line of boluses and tablets. And although phytotherapy is one of the oldest medical disciplines, it’s only in recent years that the demand for sustainable supplements in animal feed is increasing. These products are made from plant extracts and essential oils to meet all criteria for biological feeding. Naturally, these boluses and tablets are of the highest quality to improve your animal’s health and productivity. An important benefit of many biological boluses is that they help you decrease the use of traditional antibiotics.

Natural alternatives

Tablet and bolus manufacturer

Resco is a bolus manufacturer and a producer of effervescent tablets delivering solutions for your complementary feed. Based in Europe (Belgium), we produce boluses and tablets for cattle, sheep and poultry which come in two different types: slow release and fast acting.

A quality solution

In 2003 Resco was one of the first manufacturers of complementary feed in the form of a bolus for oral administration. Since then, finding quality solutions to farmers feeding problems have always been our drive. To ensure this quality we focus on safety, traceability and certification.


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