A quality solution

In 2003 Resco was one of the first manufacturers of complementary feed in the form of a bolus for oral administration. Since then, finding quality solutions to farmers feeding problems has always been our drive. To ensure this quality we focus on safety, traceability, and certification.


  • Purchase of raw materials from certified suppliers
  • Tests of the release of our products in several artificial rumens
  • Laboratory analysis of the levels of vitamins, minerals, heavy metals, etc.
  • Field tests on testing farms
  • Controlled manufacturing processes by applying the HACCP method, with internal and external audits
  • Regular maintenance of machines
  • Continuous cleaning of offices and factory and a quarterly hygiene-inspection
  • Routine test from finished products and storage of samples


  • Identification of raw materials with barcodes
  • Computer records of all raw materials and finished products
  • Computer records of all deliveries to distributor
  • Monthly reporting of non-conformity


  • FCA: Resco meets all the requirements of the good management practices for feed standards in accordance with the Feed Chain Alliance. FCA is mutually recognized by GMP+. 

A quality solution

Tablet and bolus manufacturer

Resco is a bolus manufacturer and a producer of effervescent tablets delivering solutions for your complementary feed. Based in Europe (Belgium), we produce boluses and tablets for cattle, sheep and poultry which come in two different types: slow release and fast acting.

Natural alternatives

Resco is a bolus manufacturer that values innovation and sustainability. In line with these keywords we are developing a biological line of boluses and tablets.


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