Tablet and bolus manufacturer

Resco is a bolus manufacturer and a producer of effervescent tablets delivering solutions for your complementary feed. Based in Europe (Belgium), we produce boluses and tablets for cattle, sheep, and poultry which come in two different types: slow-release and fast-acting. The slow-release bolus frees a steady daily amount of minerals and vitamins over longer periods, up to 6 months. The fast-acting bolus has an immediate action in which the nutrients are absorbed in a few hours. The effervescent tablets are designed to be quickly dissolved in the drinking water and to provide nutrients for three to five days.

A bolus manufacturer

As a bolus manufacturer, we care about animals’ health. This is why our bolus technology is based on decades of experience and continuous research. On cattle farms, the mineral provision is not always sufficient for the animals which result in a mineral deficiency. Especially young and dry cows don't get enough mineral intake. Furthermore, mineral deficiency is an increasing problem. On one side, the production of the animal's increases which results in a higher need for minerals and vitamins. On the other side, the mineral and vitamin intake decrease as pasture isn’t rich enough anymore. That's why at Resco our vision is to be a manufacturer of solutions. A bolus is a welcome solution to your mineral problem:

Resco bolus manufacturer

Why a bolus?

  • Easy in use
  • Easy storage and transportation
  • No need to give daily supplements
  • No need to calculate supplementary feed
  • Each cow gets the right dose
  • You don’t have to rely on the cow’s appetite
  • No spilling

Resco bolus disintegration

International distributors

We sell our boluses in over 30 countries using a network of distributors. We are always looking for new distributors to expand our horizons. Our adaptation to markets worldwide is what differentiates us from other companies and what gives us the opportunity to grow. If you want to grow with us, check our page about our partnerships and add our products to your range.

  • Original product
  • Specialist in boluses and tablets
  • Delivers solutions

Resco distributors

Tablet and bolus manufacturer

A quality solution

In 2003 Resco was one of the first manufacturers of complementary feed in the form of a bolus for oral administration. Since then, finding quality solutions to farmers feeding problems have always been our drive. To ensure this quality we focus on safety, traceability and certification.

Natural alternatives

Resco is a bolus manufacturer that values innovation and sustainability. In line with these keywords we are developing a biological line of boluses and tablets.


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