Mastitis in sheep

Prevention of mastitis in sheep using a bolus with natural antibiotics

Our mastitis bolus Mammitop Sheep is a slow-release sheep supplement that is developed to prevent the development of clinical mastitis after lambing or in situations with increasing cell count. In this way, it helps at lowering the farmer's use of traditional antibiotics and it averts a production stop. 

Our mastitis bolus can be used for sheep over 40 kg.

This product can also be used for goats

Natural prevention of mastitis in sheep

Benefits of our mastitis bolus?

  • Consists of essential oils from different herbs and garlic extracts with natural antibiotic activities
  • Slow and certain release of high dose natural antibiotics for 3 weeks
  • No veterinary prescription needed
  • No resistance possible
  • The solution for the reduction of antibiotics in farms
  • No waiting time for milk or meat
  • Lower costs per sheep

Why a bolus?

  • Easy in use
  • Easy storage and transportation
  • No need to give daily supplements
  • No need to calculate supplementary feed
  • Each cow gets the right dose
  • No spilling

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Dosage and administration

  • 1 Mammitop Sheep bolus 2 weeks before lambing
  • 1 Mammitop Sheep bolus at drying off 
  • 1 Mammitop Sheep bolus in the situation with increasing cell count

Orally with the help of a bolus applicator


  • Our mastitis bolus Mammitop Sheep comes in a bucket of 20 boluses of 10 grams
  • Expiry date: shelf life of 2 years after the production date
  • Store dry, protected from extreme temperatures and out of reach of children


Essential oils from different herbs and garlic extracts with natural antibiotic activities


FCA certificate for mastitis bolus Mammitop sheep

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Mastitis in sheep

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