Mineral older calf bolus

Promote growth and resistance of calves with a mineral calf bolus of 6 months worth of trace minerals

Our trace mineral calf bolus Juniortop is a slow-release calf supplement designed to prevent a mineral deficiency in calves and improve the overall well-being of the calves. It helps young cattle with their growth and resistance. 

This mineral calf bolus can be used for young cattle of 150 kg and up.

Mineral deficiency in calves

Benefits of our mineral calf bolus?

  • Slow-release of the daily requirements in minerals during 6 months
  • Different soils have different mineral content. A mineral bolus guarantees sufficient trace minerals for cattle
  • No need for mixing minerals in feed or relying on your cattle to use a licking block

Why a bolus?

  • Easy in use
  • Easy storage and transportation
  • No need to give daily supplements
  • No need to calculate supplementary feed
  • Each cow gets the right dose
  • No spilling

Click here to read more about mineral deficiency in calves

Dosage and administration

  • 1 Juniortop bolus at start of the grazing period, repeat at the return to stables

Orally with the help of a bolus applicator 

 How to apply a mineral calf bolus Juniortop


  • Our mineral calf bolus Juniortop comes in a box of 12 boluses of 75 grams
  • Expiry date: shelf life of 3 years after the production date
  • Store dry, protected from extreme temperatures and out of reach of children


  • Copper
  • Cobalt
  • Selenium
  • Zinc
  • Iodine


FCA certificate for mineral calf bolus Juniortop

Mineral older calf bolus

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