19 April 2021

Resco introduces Efferfizz for calf rehydration

Rehydration for scouring calves

Recently, the immensely popular Effydral went off the market and Resco went to great lengths in order to come up with an alternative. 

We are very proud to present our newest product, Efferfizz.

Efferfizz helps calves with diarrhea to stay hydrated

What is Efferfizz?

Calf drinking Efferfizz from a bucketOur effervescent tablet Efferfizz is a fast-dissolving calf supplement designed to solve the urgent need for rehydration in situations where calves lose a lot of water and electrolytes. An oral rehydration treatment is crucial for scouring calves. Efferfizz restores the water and electrolyte balance when calves are suffering from diarrhea. Furthermore, the lactose in the tablet is giving the calf a much-needed energy boost. 

To correct the water deficit, Efferfizz doesn't only match the recommended quantity of sodium and bicarbonate, but also the recommended quantity of sugars (71 mmol/L) for an ideal absorption of water through the intestines. The electrolyte deficit is corrected by ensuring that the levels of potassium, sodium, and chlorine fall between the recommended levels. And lastly, acidosis is corrected by the great quantity of bicarbonate.

Furthermore, we added a great vanilla aroma to our formula as it is proven that calves prefer their meals with an aroma. Lastly, Efferfizz is easier to use as only one tablet is needed.

Resco introduces Efferfizz for calf rehydration

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